Ajarena Wedding is the combination of Asia , Japan , Korea and China and this is how our founder Mr. Kim Jongsoo has formed his family too.
Mr. Kim has one goal - to show how LOVE can bring everybody together no matter from where you come. Therefore, Engagement photography is the best way for him to tell stories in LOVE and spread it out. Home bases in Japan but Mr. Kim has chosen to develop his career in Korea because of its sophisticated photography technique. Also, thepopularity of Korean trend hits everyone all over the world, especially in Asia.
With his passion and acumen, Mr. Kim steers Ajarena successfully into a reputable position in the market. The multiple nationalities also make him be flexible in dealing with different cultures at work. Although it is complex of his background, it becomes his winning chips. Ajarena is definitely your best choice to take pre-wedding photography in Korea and no doubt that we provide excellent services from dressing, makeup, hair styling to photo shooting. We ensure to record all your eternity loves under Ajarena's camera! You are always welcomed to enjoy this amazing experience here.
  • Kim Jongsoo 金宗洙/CEO

    Hello Everybody !
    This is Kim Jongsoo, CEO of AjarenaWedding, and I am a Korean Japanese.
    Korea is one of the most famous and hottest country in Pre-weddingphotoshooting industry around the world.I was so lucky to develop my career in engagement photography in Korea by grabbing a chance occasionally.I wish to build up a connection between people from different countries and share LOVE and happiness together.Ajarena is therefore a right place for you.
    We will tailor-made the best package for you and provide related services whatever you need.Just tell us what you want and like , I'm sure you will be satisfied.
  • Kim Tomoko 金朋子 / General Manager

    I am in charge of Tokyo, Japan. I took a photo to get rehearsal shoot in Korea with my children after marriage. You can make happy memories whenever you want. Please take a commemorative photograph of each one of you, such as rehearsal, couple, single, friend, family wedding photo, etc. I’ll be waiting for you.
  • Zhou Jie 周洁 / Manager

    Hi, I am Zhou Jie , Manager of Ajarena Wedding. I come from FoShan, China. Mother language is Cantonese and of course I can speak Mandarin as well.In Korea, this bilingual ability benefits me to be a translator in the wedding photography industry at the very beginning.By gaining more and more experience, I'm now able to plan package and handle the whole photo shooting process independently.I always devote 100% of my own on each case and the fulfilment is so great when the task is completed.This makes me understand what guests' need is not only language translation but also our professional opinion and advices.It is wonderful to seeing smile on our guests' faces and I wish them have an everlasting sweet memory in Seoul.
  • Kim Jinmi 金真美/Manager

    Hello, this is Kim Jinmi, Manager of Ajarena Wedding, and I'm an interpreter in Korea.Korean Pre-wedding is being so popular because of its dedicated arrangement from head to toe.You don't need to prepare anything and just show up at studio. Everything will be well-prepared for you.If you think it's a bit boring to take photos indoor, you can also choose to take photos outdoor.There are many beautiful landscapes and seasonal scenes in Korea for your option.It is always sweet to see customers' happy faces under camera and this motivates me to work harder.
  • Kim Hwaryeong 金華鈴 / Manager

    My name is Kim HwaRyeong, Manager of Ajarena Wedding, and I’m in charge of Ajarena Kansai in Japan.I like Korean Pre-wedding photo shooting a lot and I'm planning to try once because I didn't do it before I get married. I like to communicate with customers to understand their needs and will do best to achieve what they want.There are many nice and professional people working together at Ajarena and i'm sure you will have precious time here.
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